The Influence of Information Technology in the World Today

Topics: Brain, Human brain, World Wide Web, Cognition, Change, Psychology / Pages: 3 (704 words) / Published: Feb 4th, 2012
The Influence of Information Technology in the World Today.

Technology has been a very influential matter to all of us in general. For some people it means new and exciting things but for others is a set of challenging thing about to take a turn for the better or for the worst. Technology although good has been affecting not only how people communicate, but also the way they think or react to things. It has also changed how people write, read, the way they communicate and interacts with others. I believe it poses a threat, by affecting the cognitive skills and/or abilities one once have and therefore a new set of wiring in the brain. I believe that (although it may be to some extend help with multitasking), it could easily shift into a more complex matter by people not focusing enough on what need to be done and learned and/or becoming more dependent of these resources not necessarily learning a specific task correctly and accurately. Fortunately or unfortunately, much change is still expected and the demand for technology will make the world change. Where will it get us? Will the world be ready for this rapid change? Will the business be able to accept these changes? Would it be necessary (with all this changes) to obtain a degree from college? I ask this myself these questions frequently. Only time will tell. I personally think and agree with the article previously read, that with the use of technology will change the way people think. One is not putting enough effort to think or to ask about a solution because everything is now ready and available in the World Wide Web. Is true, one might be able to multitask, but are we really getting any smarter. I do not believe that is the case. We are getting all of this information and just “using” it but not necessarily learning “it”. Will it make a better world? I think eventually computer and/or technology will create a barrier where business could get hurt along the way by not providing

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