The Influence of Immigration in America

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Running head: (THE INFLUENCE OF

(The influence of Immigration of America)
Bonnie McMullen
University of Phoenix

Thesis statement

America was built by all migrants because this land long before anyone came to this country the land belonged to the Indians. The reason for writing this paper is to learn more about immigrant’s history and immigration today. Why an immigrant can only come to the states with a student or work visa. I want to learn is immigration because the rules are immoral.

Research paper (The influence of Immigration in America)

In the year1776, America brought populations from every race from all around the globe. Humanity has gathered here covered by this country as tourists, missionaries, refugees, and illegal immigrants. With the Europeans coming into Ellis Island being greeted by the Statue of Liberty in New York, and the Chinese being greeted by the Golden gate bridge and the Asians greeted by San Francisco, America has for centuries been a safe haven for the world giving favorable circumstance and independence for everyone. For a long time billions from around the globe are discovering that migrating to America is the only way to stop going hungry, dying, endurance of adversity and misery.[1] The new world has become a patchwork for all humanity, sophistication, and security.

In the beginning of 1862, the benchmark of limiting colonization achieved by government officials, this law was blocked Americans ships to transfer oriental immigrants to America. In the year 1882, a mere 20 years later the government passed limitation of The Chinese Exclusion Act conscribing all oriental immigrants’ access to America. The acts passed by government in 1875, 1882, and 1892 contribute to the inspection of all immigrants and destruction of call girls, felons, people who are deathly ill, and people accountable to turn into community charges. The A-line Contract labor were also another law passed in 1885,1887,1888, and 1891 stopping immigration from happening in America for the people coming to this country covered by an agreement created ahead of time when the immigrant arrives.

There are many cultural groups in the world but the English were the most critical of them all. The English were responsible for immigration. The English created the colonies which originated from the United States of America. English descendants produced a large segment of Republic corporations influenced new members. The earliest profitable establishment became Jamestown in 1607. Jamestown was created by a man named Christopher Newport. He received the job with a corporation called London Company transferring pioneers. Multitudes of people lost their lives from starving and illness in the chill of 1609. The new pioneers were insisting that the remainder of people stay there in Jamestown, in June 1612 pioneers begin to plant tobacco. In that same year Jamestown was made the paramount of Virginia.

The earliest meeting called representative assembly was held in 1619 and also in this year Jamestown was the first to introduce black slaves into the states which were the 13 colonies. The Indians attacked the pioneers village twice once in 1622 and 1644 killing 850 people. Pioneers boycotted the commandment of William Berkley and cauterized Jamestown the paramount was rebuilt in town called Williamsburg in 1699 and because of the burning in Jamestown everyone abandoned the place. Jamestown was restored by The National Park Service and the Association of the Archaeological Laboratory of Virginia Antiquities. This area was created to make the Jamestown Festival Park across from the National park has duplicates of the ships used in the immigration of native and English immigration


In 1620 the immigration of New England began with the pilgrims who were the first pioneers to settle in Plymouth Rock in the bay of Massachusetts. A multitude...

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