The Influence of Global Financial Crisis on Accounting Polcies

Topics: Financial crisis, Accountant, Economics Pages: 3 (709 words) Published: April 15, 2013
It is well known that accounting a social science is evolving with the development of society and its progress and advancement, and as the community reacts to events and changes in various spheres of economic, political, environmental, re

ligious, and with the global economic crisis,
which still affect most sectors of the economy,
all of these reasons with other of reasons,
imposed on this social science that is evolving in terms of quality, style and methods applied in order to reach the results of accounting more acceptable in solving accounting problems of contemporary created by these new circumstances in all walks of life, economic and financial in particular, its influence over various areas of the business world wide and evolving Due to the complexity of the cause

s of this global crisis has focused in this research to examine one aspect of the many aspects only recently by controversy, a charge of accounting and international standards as one of the most important reasons for the emergence of this global crisis. So we can say that the accounting profession and its standards have been affected and influenced the global financial crisis that rocked the world, and here comes this research to clarify the issue of the financial crisis and

its impact on the accounting and international
accounting standards.The importance of this study,
the importance of the subject matter, namely
the crisis that took place, this crisis has si
gned a significant impact not only on the global
economy as a whole, but on the economy of Arab countries, including Jordan as well, and will have bad results may lead to a major recession, which may reflect negatively on the efforts of all countries in solving their problems. It is observed that there is significant impact of the crisis on the accounting profession because it is I set the causes of this crisis, so the study of the impact and is followed by something important for th

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