The Influence of Genre Gothic Novel in Romantic Period to the Gothic Style in Indonesia Today

Topics: Goths, Emotion, Gothic language Pages: 3 (842 words) Published: August 19, 2010
The Influence of Genre Gothic Novel in Romantic Period to The Gothic Style in Indonesia Today

‘Gothic’ came from the word ‘Goths’ which is the name of one of Germanic tribes. According to Jordenes, the writer from Romantic period, the Goths came from the southern Sweden and then moved to the southern shore of the Baltic Sea. In recent years, Gothic has meant several things. It can be a particular style of arts, novels, paintings, architectures and even in the form of music style.

Initially gothic novel first appeared at time of Romantic period in a novel by Horce Walpoe, “The Castle of Otranto” in 1765. Concerning with the Romantic period, gothic was mostly identified as a bad feeling such as disappointment, sadness, fear, and concerns. The gothic novel is mostly set in an old castle and it evokes strong atmosphere of horror and frightened. The character itself often shows the weakness of the protagonist characters who always succumbs to the antagonist one, it usually occurs on the women who has to be married to the one she doesn’t love. It arises anger and highly sentimental feeling. Crying and emotional are often shown in every characters in the novel. Moreover the gothic novel always closely relate to the condition of someone’s feeling of the feeling itself.

As the time goes by, gothic has become very popular in all over the world, including in Indonesia. The influence of Gothic genre in Romantic period has greatly affected to the adherent of gothic in recent years. For some people, gothic is accepted to be a particular style of living, such as the way they think, interpret something or even how they look like in public. Gothic is supposed to appear as a sub culture for modern society, but unfortunately many Goths accept this in the sense of gloomy. For me, personally, in this case, gothic style is kind of strange, they usually apply black color to express their personality. They always wear everything in black. As well as the way they perceive...
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