The Influence of Culture and Social Interaction on Society

Topics: An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, Emily Byrd Starr, For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her Pages: 3 (1244 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Christine Cruz Santiago Cruz 1 Professor J. Christie
English 102 Symbolism Paper
“Inner Strengths of the Mind”
The reason writers use symbols is to draw their readers into the story or the poem, and bring their attention to a particular thing. In the stories to follow I will talk about the symbols that show a connection, objects and the reality of human strength will be appreciated. In A Rose for Emily by William Faulker, this writer has shown his readers the main character’s changing with her surroundings and the through the towns eyes. Emily’s house is a symbol of herself. Once her house was young and clean white and majestic. It was considered quite beautiful as Emily in her younger days she was slim long hair well kept. As they both got older they got run down and dusty, grey, bloated, and decrepit, both objects the towns people People would like to pretend didn’t exist, an eyesore. They broke down together these were the only walls she ever had around her in the 75 years she lived. This house was the only constant in her life that never left her, or died on her. Poor Miss. Emily all her life being judged through the eyes of the town. The eyes of the town judging her as a young woman thin with long hair, but getting older now a spinster never dating. Eyes judging her mental stability when her father died. Eyes judging when Homer Barron came into the picture, and when he disappeared. Eyes judging as she bloated and grew gray. The road brought no rose for Emily, she tried to find happiness as a young women, her father wouldn’t allow it no one was good enough for her, he turned all suitors away down the road they came. The same road that brought Homer Barron for sure she would find happiness this time, it had to be that road where love was not meant to be for her. The darkness and sorrow that led from town to her house....
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