The Influence Factors of Green Purchasing Behavior: A Study of University Students in Jakarta

Topics: Environmentalism, Marketing, Environment Pages: 14 (3834 words) Published: October 8, 2013
The Influence Factors of Green Purchasing Behavior:
A Study of University Students in Jakarta
Ronnie Irawan and Dahlia Darmayanti,MIM
Period of study – the study was conducted from September 2011 to January 2012 Purpose – the purpose of this paper are to identify the influence factors of green purchasing behavior of university students in Jakarta and to find out whether there is any gender differences Methodology – using convenience sampling, there was 200 university students in Jakarta participated on the survey. Questionnaires using 6 point likert scale were developed. The data were analyzed using test of reliability, validity, multiple regression, and independent sample T-Test Findings - Environmental Concern, Perceived Seriousness of Environmental Problems, and Perceived Environmental Responsibility-were significantly affecting green purchasing behavior. There were no gender differences on those 3 significant variables. Research limitation/ implication – This research didn’t investigate green purchasing behavior on specific product. Value – this research was one of the few which investigated green purchase behavior on young people Keywords- green marketing, green purchasing behavior, young consumer, Jakarta 1. Introduction

Factors such as population growth, global warming, threatening the future of human beings, exhaustion of natural resources develops and revealed the concept of “Green Marketing” (Sevil, 2011). The last 1980s was said to be the mark of the first stage of green marketing. In this stage, the industry was first introduced to the concept of “Green Marketing” (Peattie and Crane, 2005). The 1990s decade, which was the second stage, began with very high and hopeful forecasts about the emergence of a "green tide" of consumers and new products (Vandermerwe and Oliff, 1990). The third stage of green marketing has started since 2000. More advanced technology has been implemented, deceptive claims are taking at stricter enforcement, new regulations from the government and a thorough and detailed inspection from various environmental organizations and the media, consumer‟s confident has been greatly improved and many high quality green products has been made during this period. In addition to the global concern of environmental quality that is steadily rising, green marketing now has picked up its momentum again like back in the 1990s (Lee, 2008). _____________________

School of Marketing, Bina Nusantara University- International, Jl. Hang Lekir 1 no 6, Jakarta 10270, Indonesia, Tel: (62-21) 720-2222, E-mail: 1
The force of “going green” is now extending to the Asian region, where environmental threats are alarming local governments and citizens ( Lee, 2008). The fast-growing economy in Asia has led to a vigorous rise of financially empowered consumers across Asia who is willing to spend more than previous generations (Li and Su, 2007) A progressive degradation of nature, air and water pollution, and ineffectiveness of technical solution to cope with environmental problems are often more severe in developing countries. It is found that 30-40% of natural degradation has been caused by the consumption activities of private households (Chan, 2001).Indonesia as one of the developing countries has been facing a severe environmental issue since the last two decades. The destruction of natural resources is not showing any single decline. Previously, the deforestation in Indonesia was 1 – 1.2 million acre /year, now it is up to 2 million acre /year. The damage has made an increase in floods, landslides and droughts as well strong air and water pollution. Jakarta as the capital city of Indonesia has experience air pollution and floods as an annual event. It is not only up to endangering human health but it is already up to the level of might not be able to be renewed anymore. (Kementrian Lingkungan Hidup Republik Indonesia, 2009). In Jakarta, the activity to increase awareness in...

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