The Influence and Impact on the Bio Ecological Model System

Topics: Developmental psychology, Urie Bronfenbrenner, Ecological Systems Theory Pages: 7 (2304 words) Published: October 19, 2012
The Influences and Impact on the Bioecological Model Systems

SOC 312: Child, Family & Society
Instructor: Lynsey Ulibarri
September 17, 2012

The Influences and Impact of the Bioecological Model Systems
In today society children develop is a very important process that each parents, caregiver and individual should know. Mainly we can conclude that every child do not develop the same and actually cannot be treated the same when they go through their stages of development. One theory that helps us to understand the way children and adolescents develop is the Bioecological Model of Human Development. The Ecological systems theory was originated by the famous Urie Bronfenbrenner, who believed that children developed within a complex system of relationships affected by multiple levels of the environment (Berk, 2000). As we know the Bioecological Model system has four basic systems. Bronfenbrenner was one of the first people to embrace human development. He establishes this theory which influences many other social scientists to study human being and their environment. Through his study he acknowledges the importance of human being develop in which how children are raise. This system helps to recognizes that children develop from their family, school, home surrounding and society. In fact the ecological theory explains how the child environment affects how our children grow and develop. Although we as parents and even teachers seem to think that we know how our children grow, but as individuals do we fully understand what affect or enhance our children process of development.

The first system that influences development is the Microsystems. The micro system refers to the child experiences with immediate interactions with others people. From the first part of the child life, the micro-system start within the home, involving only interactions with one or two people in the family. As the child continue to grow or age the micro-system start to get more complex, which involve more people in the child foe example, day-care center or attending school. Actually this part of the development includes things that a child may experience on a daily basis in his/her surrounding or environment. However, as the child constant interact with other; often determine how the child will grow and development. Furthermore, the more the parents, caregiver or individual encourage or nurture the relationship in the micro-system, the better the child will grow up. The micro-system explain that a lot of relationships one establish in this system, the more bidirectional influences on the child development, both toward and away from the child like the parents as well as the parents influence on the child. The second system is Mesosystem, which consist of an upper stage that connects between the different of the child or individual micro-system. Actually this explain the experiences between teachers and peers, parents and teachers, school and church, family with, peers, etc. Often in this structure children who does not have a strong relationship or even a connection, can feel rejected by their parents and could experiences difficulty developing relationships with others individuals The exosystems is the third structure of the system, which refers to the community level influences including fairly established norm, standards and social work (Gregson, 2001), it also include the workplace, and family members. For instance, in today economy where there are fewer jobs and because parents to get laid off can cause affect on the child, due to lower income in life style changes. This stage of Bronfenbrenner theory deals with all aspects or changes the child development that comes with limitations that acts on any part of the system. The fourth and last level is the Macro system, which describes the culture that the child lives in. This part of the system is the largest and most influences set of things and individuals on the child development. Urie,...
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