The Inevitable Civil War

Topics: American Civil War, Compromise of 1850, Slavery in the United States Pages: 3 (844 words) Published: November 17, 2008
The Inevitable Civil War

The traditional view that most people perceive as the soul cause of the Civil War was slavery. What most people don’t know is that states rights, economics, and politics were the other factors that encourage and contributed to the South succeeding from the Union. However, slavery was still the main focal point that started the Civil War. A politician by the name of William Steward believed that an “Irrepressible Conflict” was occurring and that sooner or later America would either be entirely a “free labor” nation or a slavery base society. Since the North thought of slavery as being an immoral means of profit and the South considered it a way of life, neither side were going to accept each others sectionalists views.

One of the main causes that encouraged the Civil War was the issue of states rights. Most of the state constitutions in the South accepted the use of slaves because it benefited their economy and their agricultural needs. The North thought of slavery as an immoral tradition and suggested that the South band the use of slaves and conform to the “free labor” system of the North. The Southern states didn’t want to abide by the Northern states because under the Southern states constitutions, slavery was permitted. Also, the Southern states mentality was far different from the North. White farmers in the South thought themselves furrier to African-Blacks and therefore should be their own boss rather then be equal to slaves. The whole issue of slavery wasn’t that much concern for some of the people in the Union, anyways. The Northern people thought that slavery would eventually die out and the South would then be forced to adopt the North’s economic system. The North’s only concern about the South was that they would use their own ideas of “Manifest Destiny” and try to spread slavery into the new territories. When the North tried to prevent this from happening, the South got infuriated and that was the first...
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