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The Inevitable Affects of Guns in a Classroom

By Otoyavero Apr 14, 2013 686 Words
Guns have been used for decades for protection. However, is allowing a teacher to carry a gun in school premises truly protecting and properly educating our children? In the United States of America, many school are considering allowing their teachers to carry guns in schools. It is true that the protection on school grounds is unquestionably essential, but teachers should not be allowed to carry guns in schools. This could ultimately lead to a more immoral, dangerous and decrepit environment for children to grow up in.

First of all, the old-fashioned values and morals we impose on our children today are depleting. The line between being moral and immoral is becoming very blurry. Teachers are supposed to be important role models to the students as they continue to develop both mentally and emotionally. This occurs throughout the different stages of their lives. However, if the person who is supposed to be the child’s educator and mentor is shown to be in support of guns, then the message that they are sending to the students will be negative. Having guns goes against the morals we teach the children everyday about the negativity of violence “ It’s saying the only answer to violence is more violence. The only answer to guns is more guns” (CBC) By having teachers use more guns, as an answer to more guns, it brings out that violence is the answer to the problem at hand.

Secondly, it may be argued that if a teacher has a gun the students will be kept safe from an invader. However, a gun on school property creates safety hazards, which could lead to a teacher or student being caught up in an altercation, and the absent-minded firing of a gun makes a dangerous environment for the impressionable youth to develop in. As president Randi Weingarten and his Michigan counterpart, David Heckler, state, having firearms in schools create a potential hazardous set of conditions that could result in a negative outcome. (CBC) Schools are supposed to be a place safer then a child’s own home, and guns in a classroom will only give a false sense of security, but it will make it a more dangerous place for children to be in. In addition, the most common illness amidst teachers is mental disease, we cannot be hundred percent positive that even after the teacher get full training on handling the gun, they will not be overwhelm by their guns at that moment or misfire or cause an accidental shooting.

Finally, if an altercation is to occur in the classroom, this will have a negative impact on the student’s psychological development. Gun can manifest a trauma to a child or youth affecting the development of the brain. A study concerning youth exposed to firearms shows that these young people may experience emotional scarring that last for prolonged periods of time. In extreme cases, it has been documented that children have developed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (TFC). For a child, the classroom is their learning and playing area, if a gun is present in a classroom, this will cause the student to believe that guns are accepted and are okay to use, increasing the possibility of a child making more delinquent, higher risk of sexual behaviors, and substance abuse. Futhermore, there is a higher risk of more children getting hurt with the increase of guns in a school. Let’s examine this idea closely; if a battle is to break between a teacher and an intruder in a classroom, there is a higher chance of students getting shot especially younger students, since bullets will be flying everywhere.


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Guns in a classroom will only give a false sense of security and create an even greater danger for everyone present.

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