The Individual Style of Donne’s Poetry-------a Valediction:Forbidding Mourning

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The Individual Style of Donne’s poetry
-------A Valediction:Forbidding Mourning

This is a farewell poem,which describes the poet is still determined to leave his wife for his career to Europe。 In the poem,the poet expresses his deep love to his wife and sadness of their coming departure, In the whole poem, the poet explains that is forced to spend time apart from his lover, at the beginning, he describes the scene of death of a virtuous man and natural disasters to pave the way and then extended to himself and his wife. Through the poem, the poet expresses his pursuit and insists of spiritual love. He borrows the vivid and unique metaphor----- compass to symbol his wife and himself. They just like the two feet of the compass, only if they are interdependent and they would be able to draw a perfect circle, what a impressive and profound poem. Keywords: Individual Style, Donne, Forbidding Mourning

1. About the poet ----- John Donne
Being an English poet, John Donne, was born in1572. He grew in a wealthy family and died in March 31, 1631 in London. His family was with strong Roman Catholic tradition, he was sent, while very young, to Trinity College, Cambridge. Later, as member of Lincoln’s Inn, he read voraciously and lived gaily. In early years, he jointed the Gitano Earl of Essex marine expeditionary force to Spain, and became the secretary to Lord Keeper Egerton, a minister of the Queen. In 1615, he converted to the Church of England, taking up teaching, becoming a famous preacher, and being appointed in St. Paul's Cathedral in London Dean in 1621.     Donne is the founder and main representative of metaphysical poetry, his creations enlighten, including George Herbert, Andrew Marvell, a large number of outstanding poets to develop the so-called "Metaphysical Poetry". His works include love poems, satirical poems, proverbs poetry, religious poetry, and preaching the text and so on. He prefers to write poetry with strong rhythm, vivid language, strange and bold imagine, and often witty use of Shakespeare's metaphor. These features, in his poem "Song and ballad”, is reflected very clearly. John Donne is very talented at poem. His poetry is different from the popular sweet verse in his contemporary. . He abandons the application of traditional imagery to poetry in the past, and uses strange analogy and changing rhyme in his writing to show his unique characteristics of poetry. Therefore, he distinguishes himself from others and creates his own age by his unique way to writing poetry. His poetry leaves the literature world a big treasure.

2. Characteristics of Donne’s Poetry
The 17th century witnessed the Bourgeois Revolution and the Restoration. The Glorious Revolution marked the end of a century of disputes and battles. The state structure of England was settled, within which capitalism developed freely. English literature of this period was often concerned with the tremendous social upheavals of the time①. And during the 15th and 16th centuries is a great time for the so--called great men, especially, poets, dramatists. This period gave the poets a great space and rich writing materials. During the period an intellectual movement known as the Renaissance swept Europe. It is characterized by admiration of the Greek and Latin. It is a free--thought time, in which there is no fixed standard of literary to assure and limit the style of an individual work by contemporary value. As a poet in Renaissance, his poetry should be affected by the times’ features and value. Renaissance is a great time that people appeal to the ideological emancipation and free humanism. There is a great change in human mind. Hence people also try to look for and select the new and different elements to fill in their mind. Naturally, Donne’s poetry has his own Characteristics that he absorbs from the real world. Depending on his own particular experiences in life, his poetry deserves to have this...
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