The Indigenous Paradigm of American Indian History

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Indigenous peoples, Rhetoric Pages: 2 (321 words) Published: May 14, 2012
1. Author(s), title, date of reading:
- Miller, Susan. “Native Historians Write Back: The Indigenous Paradigm of American Indian History.” 2009.

2. Main issue(s) raised in book/excerpt/article:
- What’s the point of it? The “writing-back” is the counter from the Indigenous to the Euroamerican narratives and assumptions, where many American Indian intellectuals are opting out of in favor of a historical paradigm. It’s written in a form of sections to face topics such as traditional narratives, sovereignty, and colonization. Also, to provide Indigenous communities with historical narratives, to rally communities to pursue their collective interests, and so on.

3. Conclusions reached by author(s)
- This “writing-back” can be considered as old as the resistance to the invasion of American over five hundred years ago. The Indigenous paradigm is mostly an untested generalization that’s drawn from a variety of Indigenous worldviews, which may conflict with a specific Indigenous worldview.

4. Do you agree/disagree with the explanations given for the issues raised? - Why? I agree, I believe that there should be more research on whether these topics really fit their definitions. Many historical studies, concepts, narratives, and beliefs are too generalized, broad, or even false to be acceptable.

5. Design 2 or 3 evaluative questions or statements about the material, which can be shared with the class to generate discussion. This evaluation can relate to the: - Language or terminology
- Methods
- Rhetorical structure and device
- Or other points that catch your attention

- American Indian Studies in most institutions is a disciplinary approach to the Indigenous knowledge or a look-at-the-Indians program as said in the reading? - Should traditional narratives still be used for historical source matter?

6. List any ideas or questions that this reading has generated for you, in general - Mainly, that even the most accepted definitions, stories,...
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