The Indian in the Cupboard

Topics: Lock, English-language films, The Key Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: August 30, 2011
Indian in the Cupboard
The Indian in the Cupboard was written by Lynne Reid Banks in British in 1980, a boy named Omri receives a present of an old cupboard from his brother, a little Indian figure made of plastic from his friend. That night, Omri goes through his mom's box of old keys and finds a gold key with a red ribbon. The key actually fit in the keyhole of his cupboard. Before bed he tries to find something to put inside the cupboard. He decides to put the plastic Indian in there. The next morning, he hears a tapping noise coming from the cupboard. He slowly walked over to it and is confused when the key flies out the keyhole and falls on the floor, Omri picks it up and unlocks the cupboard. Inside is a small little Indian in the corner. It is the Indian figure that has came to life. The Indian pulls out a dagger and points it at Omri. Omri's father comes in the room to help Omri get ready for school forcing Omri to lock the cupboard and keep the Indian a secret. That afternoon, when Omri gets out of school he hurries to get home from school, but to find that the Indian has returned back to the plastic toy. When he gets in bed to go to sleep, Omri hears the tapping noise he heard that morning once again. He gets up and opens the cupboard to find the Indian alive. The Indian is frightened by Omri because of how big he is. The Indian tells Omi he is an Iroquois Indian named Little Bear. After a while Omri reveals the Indian to his friend Patrick. Patrick wants to put a Cowboy named Boone in the cupboard. Patrick almost got the secret blown by almost showing some class mates there serect. Omri shows a female Indian figure to Little Bear to give him a new wife. When he goes to lock the Indian figure in the cupboard, Patrick and Omri finds that the cupboard is gone. Omri's brother tells them that he hid the cupboard in the downstairs closet because Omri hid the ball that his pet rat plays in. Omri goes and gets the cupboard and he finds that the key to the...
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