The Indian Defence System

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To save the country from the external invasion and from the internal disturbances a well maintained defense system has been set up in our country. The President of India is the supreme commander of the country's defense system. The whole administrative control of the Armed forces lies in the Ministry of Defense.

The whole defense system has been divided into three services-Such that Army, Navy and Air force. The Ministry of Defense and the three services headquarters exercise all operational and administrative control of the Armed Forces.


The army is headed by "Chief of the Army staff". Its Headquarter is situated in New Delhi. The army is organised into six commands which are given below-

(i) Western Command - Chandigarh

(ii) Eastern Command - Kolkata

(iii) Northern Command - 56 A. P. O.

(iv) Southern Command - Pune

(v) Central Command - Lucknow

(vi) Army Training Command -

Each command is under a General Officer Commanding-in-Chief of the Rank of Lieutenant General.


The Navy is headed by the "Chief of the Naval Staff" of the Rank of Admiral. Its headquarter is situated in New Delhi. The navy is divided into three commands. Each command is headed by an officer of the rank of vice Admiral.

Air Force-

The Air Force is headed by Chief of the Air Staff of the rank of Air Chief Marshal. Its Headquarter is situated in New Delhi. The Air Force is divided into seven commands.

Location of Defence Establishments

The following Fighter Aircraft are included in the Indian Air Force- 5U-75, Hunters, MIG-29, MIG-23, MIG-21, MIG-27 and MIG-25 supersonic. Sjg-29 has been renamed as Baaz. India has also acquired Mirage-2000 r0m France which are called Vajra. MI-45, MI-85, Cheetas and Chetaks are the Halicopters used in Indian Air Force.

Aircraft carriers:

(i) The first Aircraft carrier of Indian Navy was INS Vikrant.

(ii)India's largest aircraft carrier is the INS Viraat.

(iii) INS Chakra-India's first...
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