The Incident Took Place Last Summer Of 2014

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Michel botros sadik-salib
Sanction: reflective writing
The incident took place last summer of 2014, at Clark kerr campus, while working as a conference clerk. Fulltime and receiving free housing, living with other clerks in suite style housing. The incident took place while I was away from my room , by August 1st I was dismissed from working at Clark kerr , so I was emotionally depressed and decided to stay away from my room and the whole campus so I stayed at my friend’s place for two weeks , I was notified by a officer that there were room keys been founded in my room and I was asked to tell why I had multiple room keys in my room but I personally didn’t have a clue why those keys were in my room. After multiple talks with my former supervisor and former co-workers, I understood that one of my conference clerks found them in my room. I was going through a lot of personally problems I didn’t want to confront or fight with anybody to explain how that it’s not my fault. I just wanted to get away from Clark kerr campus, work and those co-workers, because I felt like I was stabbed in the back. I didn’t let this incident change my honesty and respect to them. I was charged $300 for those keys because they went missing but the truth that whoever put them in my room didn’t want to be responsible to replace those keys, because anyways those keys don’t work to unlock door but they are just a responsibility for replacement. Until now I still don’t know why this incident occur, from my previous work history, one can see that I was never dishonest or committed a thief at any of my job. I tend to treat the work place as my second home and I will never steal anything from own place. The incident obviously been planned by another co-worker to cover up their slack of replacing keys. I was so surprised to be notified that they found keys like those ones in my room, because according to our policy at Clerk kerr, any key who is missing from the lock-box for over 24 hours, will immediately be replaced and the lock will be changed too, so there’s no use of old keys, they are literally pieces of metals. But at the end of the investigation, it shows that I am the person who’s responsible for the incident and I’m still suffering some emotional depression because of that event. After I left Clark kerr , my living place and my job ; I was lost , I didn’t know what do to because I felt like I lost trust in the world. Today after a period of time of the incident, I currently hold a position of peer-advisor and I’m in-charge of confidential papers, students’ secret, money and checks. I gained all the trust, and confidence in myself. Currently I believe I can be responsible for anything I’m in-charge of and anybody should be able to trust me with their valuable items even if they are just room-keys. I believe this incident took place because I didn’t have any personal boundaries with my cowoekrs and I informed them about all my personal life, I was very close to my co-workers and they were aware of my strength and weaknesses. One of my weaknesses at work that I don’t keep track of keys I took or put back to the lock-box and I’m quite messy when I’m rushing so I can make mistakes and don’t remember if I didn’t or not. I definitely learned a lot from this past incident and I believe its part of my personal development as a student to be prepared for the outside world and how to handle different situations and incidents like this professionally.

I never thought of the incident, because at that time I was getting over being terminated from that job, all I wanted to do is just stay away from Clark kerr, I even stayed with my friend the whole time since I left on August 1st. After the incident took place all I wanted to do is just stay away, I didn’t even wan to talk to any officers or have any meeting to discuss the incident, I was shocked that even this happened to me , it was another thing on my shoulder that I couldn’t stand. I can’t...
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