The Inca and The Egyptian Civilization

Topics: Ancient Egypt, Social class, Difference Pages: 2 (659 words) Published: October 26, 2014
The Inca and The Egyptian Civilization
Throughout history, civilizations of different epochs from many parts of the world shared multiple similarities and differences, whether in political, economical, social, or religious attributes. An example of similarities and differences can be seen between the Inca civilization and the ancient Egyptian civilization. Of the two civilizations, the Inca and the Egyptian, similarities in their religious beliefs can be seen through their structures and textual history, in which mainly revolves around the Sun. In the political aspect, both civilizations were governed under a monarchy reign with a structural social class system, which is also influenced by the economical status of the residents. The geographical location of the civilizations are similar as they are both located near rivers, however, the aspect itself also defines a difference as well. The Inca and the Egyptian civilization share a similarity through their religious belief. In both the Inca’s and the Egyptian’s, their beliefs revolved around the Sun and that the leaders of the empire were considered “child of the Sun”. Despite being in two different regions of the world and even being two different epochs, there were even more striking similarities in their beliefs, such as reincarnation and certain deities. As such, in terms of death and reincarnation, death to the Inca’s was considered a passage to the next world, and that the soul of the dead would need to travel down a long dark road to the warmth of the Sun. Guidance for the soul of the dead was given in the form of a black dog. This feature of the Inca’s is similar to the Egyptian’s in that the guidance of the souls of the dead were all protected by a deity called Anubus, a humanoid being with the head of a jackal (which can be described as a black dog). Under the political aspects between the two civilizations, both civilizations were governed under a monarchy regime. Although the Egyptian differs in the...
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