The imprisonment of hardcore criminals is a waste of taxpayers’ money.

Topics: Prison, Life imprisonment, Penology Pages: 3 (940 words) Published: April 13, 2014
The imprisonment of hardcore criminals is a waste of taxpayers’ money. You just woke up, turned on your radio and again you hear about a murder, a rape, homes being burglarized, young children being molested, and these are just a few. The constant fear you live in, the negative influence that are being portrayed to your children and the lack of security in your community even country, just to name a few. Finally they are caught and you feel relived. You no longer live in constant fear that the next person might be you that your children would become like these criminals; you can now sleep peacefully at nights because your community is now safe again. Aren’t you relieved that these criminals are caught? Won’t you be happy if these criminals never get out of prison? These are some of the many reasons why I firmly believe that the imprisonment of hardcore criminals is not a waste of taxpayers’ money.

Do you remember the story about the green river killer, or the hillside strangler? Do you remember after these criminals were caught the relief that he county felt on these captures? Whilst on the outside these criminals infuse fear in the country and even influence some children so much, that at times their parents are afraid to correct them. Now that they are in prison they are in a controlled environment, where they no longer have to freedom to do as they please. They had broken the law, but they now have rules and regulations that they have to live by for the time that they are imprisoned. The community, even the country feels relived when these criminals are put away. Finally there is no need to

Each year it costs approximately $30,000.00 per inmate to keep them in prison. Just imagine the cost to house one inmate who has a life sentence? These persons broke the law, and some would never get out, why hold them in prison where they can be kings and queens and even living a more comfortable life than when there were out of prison? When All this money...
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