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The Impression of Three Days to See

By avivi520xu May 08, 2013 476 Words
Impression of three days to see
I have read Three days to see many times.Recently . I read it again . Three days to see is a famous essay written byAmerican writer Helen Keller. Miss Keller unfortunately got blind and deaf whenshe was very young, due to misuse of medication. However, She learned alllessons that a healthy woman can do with the help of teacher sullivan andparents. She also mastered serveral foreign languages very well. What's moreshe was admitted into Harvard university .Finally she become the greatest educator and writer .

In three days tosee, Keller described a sense that if she had the chance to see this world ,However only for three days, what she would do and how she would treasure herlife in these three days . The first day she want to see people who hadkindness , innocence and friendship . The second day she want to see her teachersullivan. The third day , she want to go to the art museum , and see thesunrise . The essay points the insensitity of people with regards toappreciating the things in them and around them . That some people fail toappreciate things until the time that it is already gone .

That some people only realize theimportance of something when it is already lost . That at the end , people diewithout even knowing the value of life . So she advocated us that we shouldvalue the thing that we own that now.

After i have read it , it was deeplyimpressed me . Because it let me think that what is the true meaning of life ?How can i do to make my life more meaningful ? And I also know that I must doexercise often or I will lose my health. What's more , I should value all I ownit rather than that I regretted for them when I lose it. Comparing with HelenKeller , We should treasure our life. God has given us sight. So we can see alot of good things. We can know how beautiful this world is and how wonderfulwe can live in our colorful life .

I think this excellent book have a hugeinfluence on Chinese culture. Because the author Helen Keller set a goodexample for people that how to face the difficulties correctly and how to valuethe life? Especially for the disable, her effort will make them become morebrave to realize their dream .

To tell you the truth, I didn't find whatI dislike in this book. As far as I am concerned I think this masterpiece isperfect. It will guide my life road like street lamp shines in the dark. What'smore, it raised me up a lot.

And I can smile to life now. Just likeone sentence saying, "All is well" .Because sometimes our misgivinghas no basic. So let's forget the trouble, sadness and unhappy things rather thanfeel badly for them all the time, And then we will live a happy and meaningful life.

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