The Important Role of Public Relation in Maintaining Industrial Harmony

Topics: Public relations, Public, Mass media Pages: 3 (844 words) Published: May 28, 2012


      Good organizations, government and industries provide scientific public relation development within the community and in the global industry they have learned the importance of establishing corporate image through public relations between their organizations and their customers, government, supplier and stakeholders to help their business in building a strong relationship for growth and survival. This includes studying the demand and attitude of people within the community and providing their needs. This can largely expand their network of customers, public relation is different from advertising and promotion and usually the function of public relation officers is more focus on building a good image of their company to the public in general they may do different public relation stimulation through social responsibility works and cooperation activities depending on the nature of business. When you see an organizations that provides sponsorship, public information provision, medical mission, food feeding program and other special services they are performing social responsibility and public relation through image building.

      Good corporate public relation can be done through diversification of funds, providing good distribution of dividend to their stakeholders, commitment and excellence to their people in giving them good salary and benefits is also a form of public relation that gain community trust. Government agencies can also conduct public relation through fund raising or loan provision with zero or low interest rates, public official candidates may also provide public relation through campaigns and house to house visitation and community service in exchange for their votes while industries provide help within the community for recognition of their products and services so that they can gain confidence in the decision making process of the community that they...
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