The Important Principles of Governance

Topics: Political philosophy, Singapore, Leadership Pages: 2 (592 words) Published: February 8, 2014
Leadership is key / Political Leadership
Leadership is needed whereby honest and capable leaders are able to maintain stability in the government and make the right decisions for the country. Leaders also need to have strong moral courage and integrity to do what is right and not what is popular. Good leaders do not appear by chance, they have to be selected and groomed. A strong political leadership also needs to deal strongly with corruption to ensure that the country is governed properly. Over the years, the PAP has continuously recruited good leaders and ensured that there is no corruption in Singapore. Good leaders have also ensured that Singapore continues to grow and prosper. This has led to the success of Singapore. Hence, political leadership is an important principle of good governance which can help Singapore achieve growth and prosperity. Anticipate Change and stay relevant

Anticipate change requires the government to be forward-looking, always on the look-out for problems that Singapore may face and find solutions to solve them. To stay relevant means the government has to remain important to the people of Singapore. The only way to remain important is to come up with solutions to the problems Singapore faces. This would make the lives of Singaporeans better. For example, one of the water agreements with Malaysia ended in 2011. This agreement was not renewed. The government was able to anticipate that after 2011, Singapore would not have enough water. To overcome this challenge, the government prepared for the future by ensuring self-sufficiency in water supply by introducing NEWater and desalinated water. The government communicated with the people that NEWater is safe for drinking and would ensure our survival. Hence, the ability to anticipate change and stay relevant is an important principle of good governance which can prepare Singapore for any difficult situations that may arise in the future. With this principle, Singapore can also...
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