The Important of Education in Our Life.

Topics: Classroom, World, Teacher Pages: 3 (995 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Students/pupils will listen to you much more effectively outside in the world. I may say that I am correct! They are like dog tied to their kennel in a class room. It is almost an act of cruelty to force them to sit all day listening and not by talking. They should be engaged outside the room. The room should be where they drop their bags and come back to discuss what they have learn. That’s really a good idea, learning is not by sitting, and it’s all by experience. Yes, if you’re talking about a flower going out and looking at real ones is much more potent than a picture book or reading about it. The energy changes and they are engaged not switched off. They will listen to you much more effectively outside in the world.

The bright one's will always cause trouble because they are bored and they get punished for being bright. This is what I observed but other teachers do not understand the reality. I had a talk with one of my friend in the internet; He was punished for being like bored always because they always like a dog tied in their kennel. He always a class clown in their class. He said, “He drive himself insane inside the classroom always sitting down and always sit up straight. He added, but if the teacher will send them out, wow! What a lesson! They all understand more, than sitting the whole day. He said, he only went to school because there were none left in my street every day so no one to play with him. Yes, it is a cruel to do like that. Poor little creatures so full of energy and forced to sit. Yes of course, and also it stunts their learning skills. Teachers can teach them more sitting under a tree than in a brick room. Other said, schools are like army barracks or prisons. Letting the children get out from the four walls of the classroom is more sense than inside. Yes they will listen because they know they are free. The whole western system is anti this idea. It knows the agenda is to house train children to get used to sitting all day at a...
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