The Importance of Water

Topics: Water, Earth, Oxygen Pages: 1 (359 words) Published: January 12, 2012
The importance of water
There is no doubt that water is important for living things. We not only can use it, and all living things need water to live. The importance of water is clear to us, it has many ways to use and we can’t overlook it.

Water is one of the most important elements for health. The human body build up by more than seventy percent of water. It helps human to digest and absorb mineral of food. It also helps to supply oxygen to the brain and other parts of organs. Following by the report, the importance of drinking water is at least eight glasses of clean water every day. Rain is the natural water cycle between the earth and the atmosphere. It will wash the dust in the air and make the air become more fresh and clean. Fresh and clean air can cause people and things become health. Rain also helps to water the crops and to cool down the temperature of atmosphere.

One of the importance of water is hydropower. It is one of the ways to generate electricity. This kind of generate electricity can helps a country save more causes in electric. For example, Malaysia is one of the countries which using hydropower as main generates electricity. Most of the hydropower are placed at a river, a lake, a waterfall or a water dam.

According to the survey, one of the importance of water is the cool down system of nuclear power machine in industry. One of the country which using this cool down system is Japan, this system needs a lot of water to function and cool down the machine. So that, Japan used sea water in this nuclear power cool down system to cool down.

Many disease are caused by lack of drinking water and drank unhealthy water. According to the investigator, human can live without food but not without water. Therefor we can see that water is very important for living things. Water is everywhere, it is very important for earth and every living things, including us. It's importance controlled the life and dead of everything.
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