The Importance of Voting

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Importance of VotingJared Candelaria May 30, 2012
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The Importance of Voting

Voting is a special right that all of us have for living in this free country. Voting is a right that, throughout the history in many countries, people from across the world have fought and sacrificed everything to achieve. It’s a right that people to this day continue to fight for in places where corrupt governments suppress their freedoms and rights and it is why tens of millions of people still do not enjoy this special right. As Americans, we have the special chance to live in a society that has such rights for their citizens.

To many they may think about that voting is not important when there are millions of other people that vote in an election and believe their vote doesn’t really count or matter and won’t really make a difference. In reality their vote does count and actually can make a difference. Your vote holds your local and national leaders responsible for their actions that can affect you and the millions of your other fellow citizens. Your vote allows the government you voted for to serve you, to serve all of its citizens and it is our vote and right to decide who will represent us and how we want to be represented. Your vote is needed to elect fair government officials and it is your way to voice your opinions.

Along with many people thinking voting will not make a difference, people also believe that that what goes on the government won’t affect their daily lives. In truth, it actually does. The Federal Government you voted for are responsible for deciding to raise or lower taxes on a variety of items you need. They are also responsible for the country’s the economic policies and whether or not to take military action if required. They are also responsible for many other things that can affect you as well. Local Governments in your neighborhood, city, or state could even affect your life, along with...
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