the importance of vocabulary skills for the enhancement of reading comprehension level among freshmen college of marketing management

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The Importance of Vocabulary Skills for the Enhancement of Reading Comprehension Level Among Freshmen Students of Marketing Management in UCC A Thesis Presented to the class of Professor Basilisa J. Palmenco Of University of Caloocan City

In Partial Fulfillment of Her Requirements
In Writing in the Discipline (EN 002)

Julie Ann Macaspac
Ma. Clariz Lolong
Skylar Cuison
Ma. Christine Lolong
Jerielai Cebreros
Maricar Calisin
Mark Kevin Esteban
Raffy Nuñez
Rodneil Hulguin
Corpuz Llorie
March, 2014
A person’s vocabulary is the set of words within a language that are familiar to that person. A vocabulary usually develops with age, and serves as a useful and fundamental tool for communication and acquiring knowledge. Acquiring an extensive vocabulary is one of the largest challenges in learning. However, vocabulary is the center of language and the important component of any language. The more the vocabulary the students have, the easier the student develops the sentence. Students often get difficulties to understand what they read because they often find some difficult words in text. Reading without meaning will make them bored. Vocabulary and reading are two things closely related to each other. One cannot comprehend a reading passage well if he does not know or understand vocabulary since vocabulary is one of the basic element to build reading passage. For that we should concern with the vocabulary enrichment because it is assumed that there is close correlation ship between the sizes of one’s vocabulary with intellectual one processing in reading comprehension. That means to stop increasing one’s vocabulary is to stop intellectual reading comprehension growth. Reading is the mother of all study skill. It is one of the most valuable skills a person can acquire it is a complex process. Reading is not merely an ability to recognize written or printed words, but it also refers to putting meaning to what you read and drawing unified thought of what is read. The reading ability plays a central role in teaching learning success at all educational stages. Having any difficulty in this skill will result in variety of consequences. Comprehension is the peak of the reading skills and the basic for all reading processes. The skills such as acquiring the correct meaning analyzing the author’s point of view and applying what one learns from reading to real life situation are what constitute “reading comprehension”. It is considered by some researcher as the ultimate objective of the reading process since he does not comprehend what he read is considered as if he has not read. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY

Vocabulary skill is one of linguistic features, which influences the communicative competence. Paulston et al (1976: 55) state that the one thing that interferes most with our students communicative competence is pitiable vocabulary and we have recently come to accept the fact that our student have been right all these years when they complained about not knowing and not being taught sufficient words. The above statement reveals that vocabulary skill is very important but students are very weak in it. Furthermore, Hammer (1991: 23) assets that for many years that vocabulary was seen as supplementary to the main purpose of language teaching, namely the acquisition of grammatical knowledge about the language. Vocabulary was necessary to give student something to suspend on learning structures, but was frequently not a main focus for learning itself. Words are basic structure blocks of language; in fact survival level of communication can take quite comprehensibly when people simply link words together without any grammatical rules applied at all. So if we interested in being communicative, words are among the first order of business. Some research findings also disclose that students who have acquired more vocabulary items, they will be more...
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