The Importance Of Video Games?

Topics: Psychology, Sociology, Thought Pages: 3 (736 words) Published: October 17, 2016

Over the years video games have gotten a bad reputation. They are considered to be intellectually lazy, violent and a complete waste of time. People also tend to think that people that play video games are more likely to be lonely with few friends and almost no social skills. And with the increasing amount of video games that are being developed faster in Generation Z parents are starting to worry about their children. However, multiple researches have proven all those things to be false. Playing video games can actually help strengthen an individual’s social, cognitive and motor skills. With their multiplayer feature, fast decision making and need for an accurate hand-eye coordination, video games have been helping children and teenagers to...

“Action-games in particular encourage players to better use evidence drawn from their senses in decision-making” (McDaniel). This means that action video games, which are usually fast-paced and with 3D graphics, are the ones that have shown better results at helping kids improve their decision making ability. A study made by Current Biology journal that can help explain the improved results mentions that “video game play helps gamers develop a skill known as "probabilistic inference", which refers to how we process the information we have when we need to make a snap decision” (McDaniel). Also, video games often give unusual problems for the player to solve, and most times there is a time limit. And according to Lisa Weber this process helps improve child’s critical-thinking skills. It was also shown in other studies that this type of action video game has revealed an improved performance in perception, attention, and cognition (Griffiths).
Lastly, and also one of the most well known positive effects of playing video games, it helps improve the player’s reaction time as well as their hand-eye coordination (Griffiths). There have been multiple studies that have proven this to be true. One study that took place at the Deakin University in Australia found that those who played interactive video games have better motor skills than...

There have been various studies that have revealed how playing video games can help improve an individual’s hand-eye coordination. These games also have an appeal that cross multiple demographic boundaries, such as age, gender and ethnicity, and they help a group of people to set goals and work together in order to be able to accomplish things properly. However there are still some negative effects to playing too much video games. For example, parents always worry that their kids might get addicted to a game, and there have even been studies that show how certain types of violent games tend to increase the aggressiveness of the...
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