The Importance of Training

Topics: Need, Management, Audience Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: August 25, 2013
1. Describe the circumstances under which Verizon Wireless would need to conduct a training needs analysis.  
Reasons to conduct a needs analysis:
1)      Cost would generally determine the basis of all needs analysis. 2)      When cost isn't a factor, the next factor to drive a needs analysis was time. 3)      The time factor would determine how long it would take to certify the trainers and the amount of time needed to deliver the training. 4)      One other important factor to consider is the audience for this training. 5)      How many employees would need this training and will this training be essential to these employees to perform their job.  

2. Create a plan for the same organization to actually conduct the TNA.  
Plan for this needs analysis:
1)      Set up a meeting with the leadership team to determine the budget and deadlines for the proposed training. 2)      Define the audience for this perspective training and locations of this audience. a.       The audience may vary between front line associates, supervisors, managers and director level employees. b.      By identifying the location of the target audience, we will determine the type of training need (i.e. online, face-to-face, manager led or webinar) c.       Determine the timeframe from start to finish to deliver the training to the entire audience. d.      Decide on how many make up dates are needed for the target audience.  3)   Decide on the key objectives that are needed to drive the results required for the training. 4)   Review the Objectives of the training to make sure the objectives will achieve the goal of the training.  

3. Analyze the various traditional training methods and determine which would be most appropriate for the organization you selected.
The training methods commonly utilized by Verizon Wireless would include: 1)      Online training modules
2)      Webinars
3)      Face-to-face trainings
4)      Manager led training
4. Determine if...
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