The Importance of the Study of Organizational Behavior

Topics: Organizational studies, Organization, Psychology Pages: 2 (460 words) Published: December 10, 2010
I want to define “what is Organizational Behavior?” and after that we can understand why it’s importance. Organizational behavior studies the influence that individuals, groups and organizational structure have on behavior within organizations. (Robins & Judge, 10th,p.2). From this definition, we can say if we learn Organizational behavior, it will help us understand and predict human behavior in an organization. There are many reasons make Organizational Behavior become important in an organization. First of all, we have to know most people are born and educated in organizations, acquire most of the material possessions from organizations, and die as members of organizations. And in our life, we can be consumers, member or employee in an organization. We can not say “I don’t belong to any organization so I don’t care about that”. Second, the value of organizational behavior is that it isolates important aspects of the manager’s job and offers specific perspectives on the human side of management. Finally, if we study about organizational behavior, we can clarify the factors that affect how managers manage.

I also want to share my experience about work in the group. I studied about IT so in my major I don’t have chance to practice how to work in a group. But we always have a final project when we finish undergraduate program. And in that time, school just gave us the members of group, we don’t know each other before. Before we thought it’s fine because we are young so easy to contact each other. But after that we understood a group is so complicate. Because we have different life style, different schedule and also we come from different area so it make we have culture and thinking different. Especially, we have not had any experience about working in a group before. We are young so ourselves is really strong, everybody want to protect for their idea. Everything became stuff and very tired. Hopefully, our teacher is good, she made some appointments for us and...
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