the importance of the humanities

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Jonathon Haulik
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Importance of Humanities
Globalization has created the ability to share scientific advancements and achievements that has brought us beyond our instinctual desires to survive and challenge the very fabric of our existence. Cultural identity has shaped a very diverse world that has come to its peak of connection through globalization and modernization in the fields of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). This has led to the development of new concepts and ideas that oppose even the most highly regarded and protected institutions such as Christianity or Protestantism. Although the fields of STEM are essential to the development and preservation of humanity, the study of the humanities play a crucial role in providing students with aspects of the human experience that STEM fields aren’t capable of providing. Education and the pursuit of knowledge have always been essential to the progression of individuals and society. The greater availability to the immediate population as compared to just a few centuries ago when education was a mere privilege not many could afford has created all the more opportunity for advancement. We have come to the forefronts of scientific theory that our earliest philosophers and scholars could not have fathomed, imagine if Aristotle possessed the genetic knowledge that is available to scientists today. First Nelson argues “to identify widely held cultural illusions and delusions is to encounter resistance that is both angry and dismissive. This resistance can, arguably, be more fundamental and intransigent than some current oppositions to paradigm shifts in the sciences. To accept that the physical universe is something different from what we have thought is intermittently difficult, most so perhaps when new knowledge contradicts religious conviction or other deeply help beliefs” (Nelson). This tension that arises from the analogy of our own...
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