The Importance of the Civil War to England

Topics: Oliver Cromwell, Charles I of England, English Civil War Pages: 4 (1513 words) Published: May 4, 2013
The importance of the Civil War to England.
The seventeen century was a dramatic period for England´s History. It was marked by the authoritarian dynasty of the Stuarts; the thirty years war; the dissolution of the parliament; the personal rule of Charles I; controversy about religion and disagreement about taxation matters. These facts were crucial in the history of England because they were the cause of the catastrophic 1642 Civil War and the further change in the composition of the power of the crown. For this reason, to understand the importance of the English Civil War, it is necessary to analyze the events occurring in England at that time. Along this essay background of the English Civil war and its importance to England will be provided, and also an study of the most important events developed at the time. During English history, kings have influenced and determined the development of their reign. James I and Charles I, whom were kings of England since 1566 until 1625 and 1625 until 1649 respectively, thought that their power came from the divine right of Kings. As one might expect, either explained their actions to no one but themselves or to God. This raised problems with English people, but especially within the parliament. Charles I did not respected the parliament, which was supposed to limit the king´s power, and in 1629 he removed it and ruled by himself for eleven years. Clearly this caused discontent and resentment within the members of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. These feelings started to found confrontation between the crown and the Parliamentarian. Concerning to the Foreign Policy, in 1618 England got involved in the Thirty years war, a devastating war that took place in central Europe. The parliament and the King disagreed in the plan of action and the way to finance it. In addition, the parliament did not think that Charles Buckingham, who was accompanying Charles I in the war, was fulfilling successfully his duty so they...

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María Luisa Sarquis Ochagavía
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