The Importance of Team Communication

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The Importance of Team Communication

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This paper will discuss the importance of effective communication among teams whether in a professional or educational setting. The intended information will create a broader understanding of how team members establish communication: assigning a leader, what each member is expected to do in order to achieve the desired goal or goals and attain the knowledge of the total process. Through the effective use of communication, team members will be able to establish trust, have mutual support among members, and will be able to identify when a problem or conflict within the group arises, thus being able to arrive at an adequate solution. With the proper implementation of communicative skills, any team involved towards achieving the same goal will be successful.

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The Importance of Team Communication

When people come together to exchange information by means of speaking, writing, or using a common system of signs or behavior (Encarta Dictionary, 2008). Why is team communication important and necessary? Working in teams means that all individuals within the team are working towards achieving the same goals. Resolving issues and questions that may arise during team meetings is important to ensure the success of achieving the team goals. Everyone must be aware of the importance when defining within the team the goals that all team members are attempting to achieve. Furthermore, along with communication the importance of listening skills plays a significant role.

Every individual is unique and has his or her own way of viewing the world. A common ground all individuals possess are the ability to communicate. However, the way people communicate can differentiate from person to person or even culture-to-culture, the act of communication is a vital role to ensure the individual can attain his or her needs. The need for communication may be witnessed in everyday situations, within relationships, organizations, schools, or any setting where three or more individuals in contact. The way an individual communicates can create different reactions and emotions among other individuals. According to the president of BowesHR and the vice president of Legacy Executive Search, Barbara Bowes states that:

Poor interpersonal communication accounts for most problems in the workplace between employees and their colleagues and employees and their managers. It's a serious issue that negatively impacts employee morale, and in the end, results in the deterioration of

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teamwork and overall productivity. It creates an environment of insidious and unhealthy conflict that drives away good employees and creates a poisonous work atmosphere that destroys employee self-esteem and self-confidence. Finally, it creates a culture of negativity that will only drive down profitability and challenge a company's potential for success. (Bowes, 2008 February, p.14)

This quote is relevant information to this paper because communication is vital to the success of every team working together. Without proper communicative skills, conflict would never be resolved and team members would not be exceptionally productive.

How do teams create communication? Establishing trust within an organization especially when working with a team is of utmost importance. For example, if a team that is working towards the same goal runs into a situation in which conflict arises, the team must have trust in one another that resolution may come forth to lead the team towards a successful outcome. When teams are put together, team members must meet on a frequent basis. Regrettably, if the team does not have a set goal, members will spend their time thinking instead of performing. This may cause members to become aggravated. They are...

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