The Importance of Stupidity in Scientific Research

Topics: Stupidity, Science, Scientific method Pages: 2 (858 words) Published: November 28, 2010
The Importance of stupidity in Scientific Research

This essay talk about how two students from graduate school reunited with each other after many years for the first time. They were both Ph. D students at the same time and they were also studying science. One of the friends later dropped out of graduate school. The reason why she dropped out of the school was because she felted stupid in the program. After feeling stupid for a couple of year she decided that it was time for a change. After the meeting, the other friend started to realize that science also made her feel stupid. She goes on to explain that the reason why she like science is that she is good at it. What she is trying to say is that taking high school or college course means doing well in the class and getting good grades in the course. If you are getting good grade in class and know that answer for the test then you are smart. She is a Ph.D., student and being a Ph.D. they do more of experiment and research project. When she encounters problems with her research, she knows how to ask for helped from the faculty. She learned that instead of being discouraging about herself, to do the best of her ability. She also talked about how hard it is to be a Ph.d. student. She stated that science is made harder by competition for grants and space in the top journals. Also she talks about how we do not do a good job of teaching students how to be productively stupid. Students may be given material and review the material and then come back to ace an exam. Other student, whose test maybe preliminary and thesis exam are push more by the faculty. Then when the student get the wrong answer the students start to feel discourage about the subject. And once the student feels this way the faculty has failed but not the student. The point of most exams is not to see if the student will get the answer right but to see if they understand the subject or the concept. The exam can identify the weakness of the...
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