Topics: Modern history, Technology, Learning Pages: 2 (392 words) Published: July 8, 2014

Tema: A importância do software na atualidade.

With each passing day, the computer has been gaining increasing importance in people's lives and businesses. Its use is now seen as a tool for learning and action in the social environment are increasing rapidly among people.

A growing number of families who have a computer in their homes. This tool is helping parents and children showing them a new way to learn and see the world. When it learns to cope with the new computer horizons are opened in the user's life.

Currently no company can do without the aid of computers, it is through her that everything is solved. The world is computerized, the computer may be the area that most influenced the course of the twentieth century. If we live in the Information Age, this is due to technological advances in data transmission and new communication facilities, both unthinkable without the evolution of computers. The technology strides , we follow her lest we become obsolete as well as those who do not admit innovations and have not realized that what was applied to the population of 50 years ago for example, does not apply to today's population and the near future .

Nowadays, no matter what branch, the informatics utilities ultrapass the limits of computer hardware and extend to social, educational and professional learning. With the advances in technology, the software comes with greater ease in the hands of consumers, especially with the advancement of internet, because it promotes an essential development of globalization call for digital inclusion. We live in a technological world where the computer cannot be seen as merely " more technology " because it give us more than an experience, but a social and intellectual transformation that makes being in a transformer individual of society , since the software, build knowledge , information that can help us , and also the communication and...
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