The Importance of Social Media in Business

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The Importance of Social Media in business
A. Audience Hook: Over the last 5-7 years we have watched social media arrive, emerge and evolve as a concrete medium of todays on and offline media. As of 2013 a large percentage of businesses still aren’t using social media. (Slegg, 2013)

B. Thesis Statement: Research suggests that Social Media is an under-utilized usergenerated resource for a vast amount of businesses that are avoiding, neglecting & failing to use it as a true needed & serious sales and marketing tool. (Pick, 2013)

C. Preview of Main Points
A. Businesses (& causes) with well strategically planned social media plan & strategy implemented into their sales & marketing plans, can grow and thrive exponentially (Lefebvre) B. Businesses need to stay engaged and in communication with their market & keep a solid engaging social media presence for their business (services and products) (The GPO Group, 2011) 2. Businesses are not currently using or making the best use of social media A. Having a strong social media presence; with a well-structured & identified voice (Dahl, 2013) B. Having a strategic Social Media plan and strategy in place that coincides with a businesses mission and goals can give the businesses the position & leverage they need to stay competitive in the market can be very beneficial to business. (Lefebvre) 3. Communicating, connecting, engaging and building relationship is the key to success A. Engaging and communicate with a business’s target market, clients and customers can up customer service exponentially and be pivotal driver for business. (Dahl, 2013) B. Being open, listening and talking to the market will help them (client customers, potential current & otherwise) and the business, just as well. (Zeevi, 2013) Show Visual Aid - Pick, Social Media Today, 2013

a. Restatement of Thesis:
Businesses should focus on having a strong social media presence and a strategic social media plan & strategy (The GPO Group, 2011)
b. Summary of Main Points
1. Business can grow & increase revenue with social media presence & plans. (Solis, 2013) 2. Communicating & engaging on social media is key. (Zeevi, 2013) c. Closing Comments
1. Businesses should be taking advantage & making good use of social media. (Zeevi, 2013) 2. Having a good social media plan could expand a client / customer base & increase revenues. (The GPO Group, 2011)

Ing, Sidra 2527111 LUT 1 Revision 12/28/2013

Visual Aid Description
My visual aid shows a collection of research & statistics of the influence, impact & position of social media. Visual Aid Script
There is a sea of information out there that talks about the current state of social media and its influence. While all of that is well and good, in business, it’s all about the numbers. It is a very important component for businesses to see relevant data in regards to social media, its uses & influences. In terms of tools, media and its uses, its rather new, so for some this information is more important than it is for other and for a multitude of reasons, including but not limited to embracing the learning & understanding curve as to why social media is so important in today’s culture.. In this visual aid you will find a wide range of a combination of statistics showing how widely used and how important and influential social media is. My visual aid provides us with a good amount of data that are important to the decision makes when looking to the statics for valid reason to make use of social media. As you can see the statistics clearly show that social media is not only a customer driver, but it also serves as a mode of influence, choice and decision making.

Visual Aid Rationale
When I began to ponder on what type of visual aid I would use and what it would look like, I knew that I would have to show the numbers. While it would have been easy to put a graph or chart together to show social media...

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