The Importance of Social Competence

Pages: 4 (1363 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Topic: social competence
Social competence has been studying since the early 20thcentry. At start, people tend to want to know the reason and how the social competence is so curial in a stable social development. Later, researchers start to study how peer group affect children’s metal growth. And to recent years, they are investigating how children’s study is affected by social competence in relationship. It seems that Social competence is one of the most indispensable personal factors in one’s life. It is not difficult to hear people said that, if you are social competitive enough, you will have more peers. So, what social competence really is? Social competence is a complicated, multidimensional thought that including social cognitive, sensitive, and behavioral skills, also motivational and expectancy sets that required for success social adaptation is defined as social competence. Social competence also includes having a competence to considerate others, learn from the past, and apply that experience to the different situation in social interactions. Another meaning is which the foundation of pursuing future interaction with other people are established, and also which ones build understanding of their self-behavior. Further details are always commonly included by the concept of social competence such as, social communication, interpersonal communication and social skills. To conclude, it’s the provision of possessing the intellectual, emotional and social competences and deportment needed to live in the society1. People often ask a question: How to become a social competitive person? How to be popular? Actually, there are four ways to enhance social competitiveness. First is status or peer regard approach, which means how familiar or popular one is with his peers or friends. The more friends ones have or better social network have, they are consider as more social competitive. Second is social skill approach; it is about one’s behaviors, which means social...
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