The Importance of Sleep

Topics: Sleep, Sleep deprivation, Sleep apnea Pages: 3 (1041 words) Published: May 6, 2013
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As you may know there is much research that has been done on the subject matter of sleep as there most certainly will be in the future. We are becoming more and more aware of the positive effects of getting enough sleep as well as the negative effects of lack of sleep. The article I chose entitled “Sleep Thieves” written by freelance Meryl Davids Landau, explains how some sleep studies which focused on children may help us to understand why it can be so difficult at times for our children to “just settle down.” Most parents know the relief of the first time their infant sleeps through the night. What they may not consider is the likelihood of a childhood of sleep disturbances caused by unassuming things such as the types of foods we feed to them or playing an educational game on the computer before bedtime. When I my children were approximately 6 years and younger my friends and family used to call me “The Sleep Warden” , and that I was. We (yes, “we”) had a strict bedtime and routines that we followed and we were all quite happy and well rested! No, you would not catch us out shopping with screaming kids at midnight. I always felt so bad for those kids.. they were obviously so exhausted and absolutely miserable. With that said this article has validated my neuroticism as well as opened my eyes to some things I hadn’t considered since I have relaxed a little as a retired Sleep Warden. One of the most interesting things I found was about Sleep Apnea. Basically, sleep apnea occurs when a person stops breathing several times while they are asleep. Not only is this quite dangerous- you aren’t breathing!- but it also disrupts sleep causing the person to miss out on obtaining the very essential deep sleep. To take it a step further, children that suffer from sleep apnea often also suffer from behavioral problems and learning disabilities, not to mention high blood pressure. I would think that this is probably underdiagnosed just due to...
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