The Importance of Religion in the Life of Pi

Topics: Religion, Prayer, Spirituality Pages: 3 (1048 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Peter Jia

The Importance of Religion in the Life of Pi

Peter2 The Importance of Religion in the Life of Pi

In introduction of Life of Pi, Author Yang • Martel said directly that : "This book was born as I was hungry "(introduction,1). Hunger is something author refers to the emptiness in faith. The novel's protagonist Piscine, grew up in French Indochina area, is a devout Hindus, Christians and Muslims. He believes in every religion he encountered, and devoutly treats every religion and God. He feels comfortable with all these three religions. "Religion will save us”(Life of Pi, 21), as Pi said. The story of Life of Pi not only tells us a amazing story of how he survived on a life boat with a tiger, but tells us the importance of religion in Pi’s life as well.

Religions played a overwhelming role in Pi’s life. In a very dramatic occasion, his three religious teachers ran into his family. These three wise men insisted that a man can only believes in one religion. But Pi did not consider this as a problem and accept all three religions. When he was young, his mom told him the story of Vishnu in Hinduism (Life of Pi, 39). Although he can’t quite understand the meaning of the story, he simply admire the gods. As he grew up gradually, he began to think about God. Once he asked the Father why God let his son came to earth to bear all the suffering, Father told him that because God loves us. After a few conversations with the Father, he became a Christian. The Father told him:” You already are, Piscine,in your heart. Whoever meets Christ in good faith is a Christian. Here in Munnar you Peter3 met Christ" (Life of Pi, 41). One day, he saw Muslim prayers then he became a Muslim and vegetarian(Life of Pi, 42). Unable to get the meaning of live in this vast universe,...
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