The Importance of Reading Newspaper

Topics: Individual rights, Law, Individual Pages: 2 (801 words) Published: January 21, 2013
1. Secondary school students
Nowadays, most of the students don't read either newspapers or world news. For them, keeping up with world news may seem boring and overwhelming at times. Well, sad but true. But now, let me tell you how important it really is. We live in a large, interesting and rapidly changing world. By reading the world news, you will become more aware of situations around the world, and increases your knowledge of world events which helps you make better decisions in your own life. Besides that, you can keep abreast of the latest information about economic and commercial trends, sports, entertainment news, further studies and etc by reading world news. Furthermore, it can also improve your outlook on life and makes you more reasonable. You can access the world news from newspaper, TV news, radio, magazines and internet. The importance of reading world news is therefore obvious. What are you waiting for? Read now!

2. Working adults in their 30s
News becomes an indispensable part in our lives. Without it, it is like walking around the world with our eyes closed. Reading world news will keep us in touch with the milieu in which we live. A person who does not read newspapers just like a one shut up in a closed door. By reading world news, it helps us to become more aware of the problems that exist in society and leads us to take actions with it. For an example, you have to determine whether you should sell your property in this period to get the maximum profits. It can also broaden our international perspectives and keep us abreast of the recent developments on various fields, be it in economics, politics, sports, sciences and etc. Besides that, it can help us to think differently and deeply about an issue and make historical and ideological connections. Newspapers and TV news are the main conveyor of world news. It is still not late to start it, read now! Section B

What is the criteria government should intervene in our individual rights?...
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