The Importance of Photography in Market and Photo Market Changes in Last Decade

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Photography in Market 6.P

The Importance of Photography in Market
and Photo Market Changes in Last Decade

Babak Fadaee Tehrani

Level 8 Business, George Brown College
Professor Gelareh Keshavarz
February 17, 2012

Nowadays, a lot of people are dissatisfied with Computer Generated Images. They complain about unethical behavior in these images because these are usually unreal or copied version of the original; thus, this pictures can destroy the reputation of any brand (Spurgin, 2003). However, there are several reasons that show shooting a real picture is the best way for a business to promote its image. I. Relationship Between Photography and Business

Photography is one of the steps of be success for a company. “The most successful brands achieve fame through their use of iconic imagery” (Roalfe, 2006, P.26) Long text ads are not useful any more, and these are not grab attention of any body. This not the thing that companies wants from ads. This is like just throw money to the garbage. On the other hand, a picture can grab attention of customers just at a glance, this is what really companies are need. Pictures act like a hook for Ads. “The reaction you want is for your images to hold people’s attention for as long as possible” (P.27). However, if picture is perfect, but irrelevant to companies’ product is worth nothing. Companies and advertisement agencies can make profit with having right, interesting, relevant and real picture of their ads, or they can have paper which “is not worth the paper it’s printed on”. (Muhleman, 2005, P. 23) II. Perfect Picture can Equal Successful Brand.

“The visuals you use will create a perception of your firm in the mind of the people who see them” (P.24). “The right picture is worth a thousand words. It can tell you story, showcase your products, and intrigue, interest or excite your audience” (P.23). The picture that a company uses for an ad is presenting not only company’s product but also the personality of the company (Muhleman, 2005). Who, How and How Much?

“To know how best to present yourself and your firm, you first have to know who you are. And that’s not always as simple as it sounds” (P.25). After the company owners knows who they are and what they want, they can ask for a photo. However, it is difficult to decide which photo is better (Muhleman, 2005). However, more difficult thing is to find and choose a photographer. Uli Weber, photographer, gives an example: “choosing photographer for M&S company is never as easy as one might think. M&S is not a high fashion brand but it is the nation’s favorite high-street fashion brand. Most of the top fashion photographers only really specialize in high fashion. Their shots usually turn the models into something quite cold, where as we were looking for warmth and humanity for M&S” (Roalfe, 2006, P.26).

Here is one the way to find the best photographer for a company: “Better yet, get help with photography from your agency or public relations partner. They’re already familiar with photographers in area, and can often get you a better deal with the good ones due to other relationship” (Muhleman, 2005, P.26). How much really should pay for a good photo?! There is not a particular price for a perfect image. Price is depending on company’s job. Further, company’s location, how many photo, when, where and what is subject are make different price (Muhleman, 2005). “The best advice is to check around look at photographer portfolios, find a few whose work you likes, and get several quotes. Often negotiate based on use. Try to get a buy-out of rights so you can use images whenever and wherever you need them” (P.26). Price is not as important as people think. If a photographer with cheaper price cannot give company what they really want and need, company will be in trouble because of wasting money and time. Remember, “It is not about your own personal choice of what you think might make a good...
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