The Importance of Peer Review

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The Importance of Peer Review

Melanie Cleek

Walden University

NURS 6000, Week 2, Strategies for Online Success

May 12, 2011

The Importance of Peer Review

Peer review is the process that scholarly journals use to check articles for accuracy. The article is submitted to a group of experts to make sure the article is factual, not plagiarized, has the most current data, and so forth. The purpose of this paper is to highlight the importance of peer review and how to identify peer reviewed articles.

Importance of Peer Review

It is very important for a researcher to understand the importance of peer-review of scholarly journals especially to a scholar-practitioner. According to Schaffner (1994), there are five distinct roles journals play in scholarly communities; building a collective knowledge base, communicating information, validating the quality of research, distributing rewards, and building scientific communities. Through the peer review process, editors can ensure the research does not contain flaws in methodology or thinking that make it unreliable.

The scholarly journal is important to the scholar-practitioner because it will contain a citation. This short citation will give the reader a basic background of the article including the title, author, date, and the source of the information. In addition to the citation is the abstract. Abstracts are extremely useful to the scholar-practitioner because it provides a summary of an article’s contents and sometime include search results. Some peer-review will contain the full text, one that can be read immediately online. If a full text is available, there will be a symbol showing that full text is available.

Knowing that Articles Retrieved are from Peer-Reviewed Journals

There are a couple of ways to check if an article has been peer reviewed. According to Walden University’s Library Guides, accessing the abstract of the...

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Technology and Libraries, 13, 239-247.
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