The Importance Of Nursing

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When people think about nursing they see nurses care about sick people, but this is more about nursing. Today’s a society views nurses only as part of hospital. Part of nursing standard of practice is patient education, advocacy, and coordination of care and health maintenance (Gordon, 2002). Nurses are well educated and can work in different areas of healthcare if both the economy and politics allow them to.
Nursing is seen only as caring for sick people. Nurses should be more involved in health promotion and preventative care. A lot of hospitalization can be prevented by health education. According to Black (2014) 62.2 % of nurse work in hospitals, only 7.8% work in public and the community health, and 6.4% work...

Very often, healthcare institutions call patients “consumers” or “clients”. These situations do not help nurses do their jobs. They have less time for patients, they do only minimum care to keep patients safe. Also, American Nursing Association (2010) shows that negative and unsafe conditions in the workplace cause medical errors and low quality of care. Understaffing in hospitals, low morality in hospital staff, and quantity not quality of care can be dangerous for patients, and create low patient’s satisfaction scores. According to Nelson (2009) nurses work in a very stressful atmosphere, are not supported by managers, and they conflictwith co-workers. Therefore, nurses can be tired, angry, unsatisfied from her/ his job, and have in permanent stress. However, today’s nurses work very hard to keep patients safe and give their patients the best of care, so the public can think of nurses are nice and trustworthy. Employers should give nurses,a healthy, less stressful place to work, so they can show all their knowledge with patient care and work in accordance withthe scope and standards of nursing...
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