The Importance Of NFL Pass In College Football

Pages: 3 (698 words) / Published: Oct 5th, 2017
The average NFL pass seems so simple to people who do not understand the rules, how hard can it be it throwing the ball and catching it? In reality, so many factors go into every throw that you see on Sundays. To start to understand this process, you must first understand how the quarterback even begins to prepare for the throw. Before the throw the quarterback goes through what is called “Pre-snap reads” which basically means he is trying to identify the coverage before the snap to help him decide where to throw. Once he identifies the basic coverage, he then can decide whether to go with a pass or audible to the backup run-play if he doesn’t like the coverage. Most teams call a backup run-play because if the defensive line is thin or …show more content…
Once he is in a position to be able to make the catch, he actually has to catch the ball. In the NFL the receiver must take three to four steps after the reception while in stride unless tackled whilst holding onto the ball. If the receiver has to make a catch on the sideline, then he must be aware of the rules, In college football you only need to get one foot in bounds with possession of the ball in order to make the catch, but in the NFL, he must have both feet or toes down and maintain possession of the ball to the ground. If the defender loosens the ball at any time while the receiver is going to the ground, it will be considered incomplete and the play a failure. This rule is often called the “Calvin Johnson rule” due to the fact that while he was playing he had a play in which he caught the ball at the goal line and the ground aided in the reception, so the NFL implemented this rule to make it much more of a technical process than a lucky one. If the receiver makes the catch in bounds, he can attempt to run towards the end-zone but to be able to score all the ball has to do is cross the plane of the goal line and be in bounds for it to be a touchdown. (“NFL Rules Digest: forward

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