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The Importance of Music

By lamtrucvt Apr 14, 2013 303 Words
The importance of music

Music has been a vital part of human cultures since the time civilization began. It is a critical element in people’s living at different times and for different reasons. It helps them express their emotions, feel connected to others and influence on individuals.

Music is a way for people to show emotion. There are many types of music to fit any personality and it can even inspire people. It can be sad or happy, calming or agitating, angry or contented. It can represent any human emotion. When people play or listen to music, they feel their emotions. Music has a lot of emotional power.

Music helps people feel connected to each other. The music inspires common human feelings and bridges gaps between cultures that spoken languages cannot. When people go to a concert, they are with other people who share their musical tastes. Together they feel the emotions that the music evokes. This is because of its ability to make people feel connected.

Music has had a huge impact on individuals. It features largely in all histories and all cultures and indeed has been one of the main ways of passing on cultural traditions to new generations. Because of this, many people view music as a positive influence for societies. Therefore, it also makes people believe that the influence on individuals is wholly beneficial as it is a long – established ways of communicating. Music can help to enrich academic areas and improve living of individuals.

In conclusion, music is considered to be important to many people. It brings to us a lot of emotions, connections and influence on individuals. No culture has ever been without it.

Writer: Lam Ngoc Nhu Truc

Checker: Bui Thi Thuy Hoa, Nguyen Thi Thu Trang, Vu Thi Cam Nhung, Do Ngoc Anh.

Class: DB12TM

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