The Importance of Learning Dressing and Bandaging Skills

Topics: First aid, Infection, Bandage Pages: 2 (261 words) Published: November 11, 2014

Having wounds are part of human life, and it is very important for us, especially to the children to know the proper and the importance of knowing skills in dressing and bandaging of wounds. These skills can teach us how to really care and cure a wound. Thus, these techniques are the proper way of curing wounds.

We need to know these skills to protect our skin from infections (due to bacteria and viruses) and for fast healing. A dressing covers an open wound. It varies greatly in nature and size, so it is important to select the correct dressing for use on a specific wound. Bandages are used to control bleeding. The types of bandages are strip bandage such as band aid, gauze pad, tensor bandage, and eye patch.

When you have wounds follow the following steps, first step – wash the wounds with soap and water or alcohol to prevent infections, second step – place a dressing with the enough size, third step - use an extra hand to hold the dressing in place while the bandage is wrapped around, fourth step – cover the area by wrapping a roller bandage around it, and last step/fifth step - tie off the end of the roller bandage by either tucking it under or attaching a safety pin to two parts.

Wounds can affect our health by means of such infections. If we will not put our attention and care for ourselves, it can worsen our wounds. That’s why it is very important for us to know these skills and love ourselves.
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