The Importance of Informative Speaking

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I am currently in a communications class, and we are studying the importance of informative speaking. An informative speech is written to provide interesting and useful information to increase the knowledge of the audience. An effective informative speech is created by thinking about the different ways the audience will process the information that is being given, conveying this information to the audience, and relaying the importance of the information being given. People process information in many different ways. Most people process information visually. When giving a speech visual aids can add clarity which makes the speech easier to follow for the audience, as well as interest or visual stimulation. Most importantly, visual aids help the audience’s retention of information. The speaker should demonstrate expertise and knowledge of the subject. The speaker must know what they are talking about to get the information across to the audience. To have an effective speech, the speaker should repeat all the key points often throughout the speech to help the audience retain the information. When the speaker repeats the information being given this will aid in one of the ways the audience will retain and process the information. The audience is more likely to remember information the more times it is repeated. Many different methods are used to convey the subject information to the audience. First the speaker must establish credibility. The audience is more likely to actually pay attention to the speaker if the audience feels the speaker is an expert in the subject and actually knows the information he or she is speaking about. The speaker should present the audience with different ideas, facts, and statistics on the subject. Incorporating these three aspects will increase the audience’s understanding of the subject. The audience is more likely to believe the information if there are facts and statistics to back it up. The speaker should convey

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