The Importance of History

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The Importance of History

It is both necessary and helpful to study the context of prior history because it is relevant to who we are. Studying events in history provide a clear picture of past participants experiences and behaviors, so that we take what others have done and build upon it. Past cultures took time and efforts to document historical events to help future participants understand where they come from. In this day and age, modern societies don’t quite look to the past, but to the future. Our ancestors, differs so much from our own we find the past outdated and irrelevant to us. As a student, the past is relevant as it is used to shape the future for ourselves and the world. It is important to study history about past human behaviors that is relevant to the intellectual growth and development of an individual. Our view of the past shapes the way we view the present. Studying the structure of the past helps to find and learn patterns and establish meaning through the rigorous study of documents left by participants of another time. We would not have the vital information need for today’s concern if not for history. Consider, going to a new family doctor, knowing you’ll have to fill out an information sheet listing your medical history. Documents that ask for detailed information regarding your personal issues, that you’ll have to look to the past for. Why does a doctor need to know such questions? That doctor is trying to evaluate your health history so he/she can put together and ideal state your current state of health is in. A person’s health is full of history. Health issues that are hereditary, or from experiences, and behaviors contribute to clue of a persons present health state. So when an individual return to the doctor’s office. The doctor would pull out an individual file that has notes on past visits. This file is the health history. Therefore, doctors in this case know the important of the past. To know the past is to know the future....
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