The Importance of High School

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The Importance of High School
High school is the final experience for students during their K-12 years. While many go on to college or technical school, high school represents the end of formal education for many students. High school also is a kind of “launching pad” into adult life. Students mature a great deal during these later teenage years, developing important work habits and attitudes as they become more independent. However, while many high schools give a good education, some things about the system are flawed. For example, I believe schools don’t motivate kids enough for further education or show career options for after high school. Also, many high schools don’t have systems to alert parents to a failing child until it’s too late.Obviously the modern school system has some successes and some failures, but what, if anything, can be done about it? Firstly, high school is a good way to learn certain habits that lead to success in the adult world. One great habit commonly learned in high school is time management. Getting their "free" time under control now will help prepare students for managing those extra hours come freshman year of college, when they'll need to study and want to socialize more than ever. Using a daily planner is a good way to help achieve this control. Another important skill to learn is how to set goals, as long as they're attainable. Setting goals that are unreasonably high is a set-up for failure. A third life skill high school teaches is organization. Keeping yourself organized will save you valuable time and allow you to do everything that needs to be done. These are some of the “right” things that high school does. Despite these good things, there are some shortcomings when it comes to individual student success. For example, when I was in high school I noticed that the only one there who seemed to care if I went to college was me. There wasn’t any kind of extra time spent on figuring out what college to go to, or...
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