The Importance Of Heritage In Everyday Use By Alice Walker
Topics: Family, Short story, Mother, Woman, Parent, Marriage / Pages: 3 (562 words) / Published: Jan 28th, 2016

Heritage and how you preserve it can leave a huge impact on a family. Maggie and Dee have many variations based on their motivations, personalities, and points of view with the respect of preserving their heritage. In the short story "Everyday Use", Alice Walker emphasizes the aspect of individuality. The story concentrates on the lives of two sisters, Maggie and Dee growing up together and living under the same conditions, but Dee gets the chance to leave. Although, they both grew up in a small town, with only country back roads, and with limited necessities. All three Maggie, Mamma, and Dee have a different idea of happiness.

In the beginning it started with Dee leaving and starting her education in Augusta. While Mamma and maggie stayed at home carrying on their everyday schedule. As Dee gets out of the car you can feel the emotion and intensity of Maggie's heart. Maggie is a scared, shy, and secluded young lady. The story states, “ Maggie will be nervous until after her sister goes: she will stand hopelessly in corners, homely and ashamed of the burn scars down her arms and legs, eying her sister with a mixture of envy and awe.” After the house fire
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Nice cars, big homes, and fancy restaurants is considered dees reality. “And then the two of us say there just enjoying, until it was time to go in the house and go to bed. “ preserving their heritage means one thing to mama rather than Dee. Dee doesn't realize that having everything is happiness. The littlest things can bring the most joy, but Dee has taken what she has now for granted. You will not see any worrying, discomfort, or misfortune in mamma because she loves her lifestyle.

Both Maggie and Dee love their mom dearly. They just show it differently. Their motivations, goals, and actions are completely contrasting. Although, they both mean well; heritage is reality to Mamma and Maggie. But Dee has forgotten the everyday lifestyle of her

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