The Importance of Health and Safety - Risk Assessments

Topics: Risk assessment, Performance, Risk Pages: 3 (1173 words) Published: November 2, 2014

Healthy and Safety is basically a term that covers the whole protection of wellbeing of a worker and it is supposed to do a lot of things, including preventing workers from leaving their jobs because of a health and safety issue. This includes their social, physical and psychological states. Social well-being of a worker may be affected by other people gossiping about them, or working by themselves in a small room all the time and physical disruption of well-being includes falling over hazards. Less obvious psychological issues are things like stress, workload and speed, lack of social contact and monotony. Health and safety is of paramount importance in the Performing Arts Industry. This is because performers in this Industry are always working with other people, and are responsible for them even to the extent of in a life-threatening situation, if something goes wrong, the company are to blame, meaning that they should be aware of health and safety risks at all times. This will allow everyone to feel safe and happy, which is particularly important. Health and safety is also extremely imperative as it is needed to maintain the well-being of all equipment used in performances, including: props, such as mirrors and lamps; costumes, which should be stored suitably by a wardrobe supervisor; sound equipment; lighting equipment; and set. A hazard can be defined as a situation or source of harm that could potentially destroy someone’s social, physical or psychological wellbeing. Hazards are usually lying around, i.e. they won’t happen straight away and can be pre-determined, such as a bag on floor can be identified as possibly harmful on someone if they trip on it and too much work can be identified as possibly psychologically stressful, which can have other worse health impacts on the body. Food and drink, for example, is an often overlooked hazard in the Performing Arts Industry, as it can do serious damage...
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