The Importance of Exercise

Topics: Nutrition, Muscle, Physical exercise Pages: 1 (254 words) Published: December 1, 2008
Exercise is extremely important for our health. Sometimes people refer to exercise as the only medicine to cure our heritages disabilities. It is important to always exercise and to maintain a health stature. One mistake that people often make when they exercise is that they only do cardio. This is a mistake, because cardio will only make you lose weight but it wont build muscle mass. It may only increase your msucle mass in your legs, but it is extremely important to also work out your upper body. Legs are important for increasing your metabolism, but upper body is also important for burning calories and maintaining a strong physique. People who really want to lose weight and maintain a good stature should do weightlifting prior to their cardio workout. It is very important to not over exercise.

An ideal workout would be to do weightlifting first and then do cardio. You will lose the carbs from the initial weight lifting and then when it coming to doing cardio after, your body will start to immediately burn on fat instead of decreasing your muscle if your were to only do cardio. Also, doing a cardio workout for one hour isnt the best way to burn fat. If your really want to burn fat, then running sprints or doing short sprints in intervals is the best way.

Your health is extremely important. Dont be lazy and dont think that eating healthy is the only way of maintaing a strong healthy body. Eat right and exercise!


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