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ESL ENGLISH LESSON (60-120 mins) – 25th August 2012

Why English is the most important language in the world
Today, let’s talk about why English is the most important language in the world. Considering the size of the country it beggars belief how the English language has remained at the forefront of languages students desire to learn. Of course, the question is why? There are many answers to this. In this lesson we will explore a few thoughts on this subject.

Originally, the British Empire helped spread the English language across a fifth of the world. This caused some resentment from locals - naturally so! Being ‘forced’ to learn a foreign language is not fun. Learning a language for ‘fun’ gets better results. Of course, other Empires tried to spread their languages but they didn’t succeed quite like the British did. The French have fought a brave battle to try to expand their language around the world. They failed – a classic modern example being when the 10 East European countries joined the EU. They chose English as their second spoken language. Only in Africa and French colonies does French prevail. Yet in the Far East their ex colonies now prefer to speak English. Spanish is spoken in Spain and across the Americas. German is spoken where Germans go on holiday – their colonies taken by the British after WWI. Russian was forced on the people of Eastern Europe. When the wall came crashing down its people kicked it out opting for English. Then there is China… Twenty years ago English wasn’t spoken in China much - except in Hong Kong! Today, it is highly popular – Chinese business has recognised this. Chinese students like to practice English together in parks – to circumnavigate the Chinese censors!

Why is English ‘a must’ for foreign students in other countries to learn today? Simple - If you want a good job you need to speak English. Job applicants are automatically expected to know it. In many cases students who know English have a definite advantage over those who do not. Today, any job involving computer programming is in English so it is essential for IT people to know the language. Overall, English allows companies to create jobs, develop trade and expand business in foreign lands. It also allows people and companies to communicate with each other.

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Why English is the most important language… – 25th August 2012

1. Speaking English as second language:

Think of three things you
know about speaking English as second language. Go round the room swapping details with others.

2. Dictation: The teacher will read four to six lines of the article slowly and clearly. Students will write down what they hear. The teacher will repeat the passage slowly again. Self-correct your work from page one - filling in spaces and correcting mistakes. Be honest with yourself on the number of errors. Advise the teacher of your total number of errors. Less than five is very good. Ten is acceptable. Any more is room for improvement! More than twenty - you need to do some work! 3. Reading:

The students should now read the article aloud, swapping readers

every paragraph.

4. Vocabulary:

Students should now look through the article and underline any vocabulary they do not know. Look in dictionaries. Discuss and help each other out. The teacher will go through and explain any unknown words or phrases.

5. The article:

Students should look through the article with the teacher.
What is the article about?
What do you think about the article?
Discuss briefly the article

6. The history of why English is spoken today: In pairs choose five things from the article. Then add five thoughts of your own. Write them below. Discuss together.
From the article

Your thoughts

The teacher will choose some...
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