The Importance of English in Thai Society

Topics: English language, ASEAN, Language Pages: 2 (347 words) Published: January 10, 2011
In the world where Globalization has been dominated as the global mainstream in the 21st century. Every part of this world have been easily connected without the time and space barrier. All knowledge and innovations can wildly spread and develop unlimitedly. And people communicate each other more and more.

Thailand as part of the global community, we cannot deny all those significant trends that are surrounding us. However, to survive in this more complexing world, we need good strategy and policy of development in order to maintain the well- being of Thai citizen and the significant role in the regional and international as well.

To set up the direction towards the country development in 21st century, we have realized that the importance of English as a second language in Thailand is one of the strategic key in the development plan according to the 2 aspects.

Firstly, the importance of English in term of developing the Thai citizen’s ability to reach the international standard. Among many developing countries we can see that the tendency of English speaking people are shapely increased as English has been considered a global language to communicate in many areas of using such as for exploring understanding and cooperation, for opening the opportunities of career advancement ,and for increasing the competitiveness among both domestic and international level.

Secondly, the importance of English in term of achieving the goal of establishment of ASEAN community in the year 2015. According to the action plan of ASEAN Socio-cultural Community blueprint (ASCC) stated that the ASEAN members are encouraged to use English as an official language in communication among all people of ASEAN in order to make ASEAN people have a good knowledge of language skill and competitive in the knowledge-based economy.

I’m strongly believe that English language is very important as a strategic key to develop the country to reach the set goals and, for our country,...
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